About YSU


Young Scientist University (YSU) of United States of America was legally incorporated ( Corporate Number: 100615573) under the laws of USA by a group of highly qualified academics and professionals worldwide to produce young specialists in all major fields relevant for the sustainable development of the global village.

The Young Scientists’ University of USA is totally dedicated towards recognizing, encouraging, rewarding the talented youth who are motivated to pursue scientific research and innovative development of new products, service and concepts as career and serve the country as entrepreneurs as well as fellow citizens through their dedicated effort in their own field. We bring them up in scientific nature which they are keen on and they are equipped with world class Java technology as implementation tool. We strive to educate students towards reaching the highest levels of performance, effective talents, creativity, skill, and entrepreneurship development during their undergraduate career for them to reach the highest level as a scientist in their young age encouraging them for new inventions and market those using entrepreneurial skill they develop within the academic career.We also strongly promote the individual development of graduates by incoporating modules related to Psychology, Consciousness and Spirituality including major world religions and have already taken steps to incoporate such units of study.


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