About YSU

Young Scientist University (YSU) of United States of America was legally incorporated (Corporate Number: 100615573) under the laws of USA by a group of highly qualified academics and professionals worldwide to produce young specialists in all major fields relevant for the sustainable development of the global village. YSU is a leading & one of the fastest growing research oriented private university affiliated with Hebron Eco University & in working partnering with various Institutions of high repute in scientific research by means of department catering to that specified field of study.


Young Scientists’ University, YSU with a rich heritage in academia and a global reputation for research led innovations. The university offers off campus based distance education primarily into Doctoral & Post-Doctoral research programs in a flexible and collaborative learning environment, through extensive research and industry coalition, enabling working professionals to enrich their skills, enhance their career prospects and make a real difference to the wider world without much disturbing their professional routine.


YSU is totally dedicated towards recognizing, encouraging, rewarding the talented youth who are motivated to pursue scientific research and innovative development of new products, service and concepts as career and serve the country as entrepreneurs as well as fellow citizens through their dedicated effort in their own field. We bring them up in scientific nature which they are keen on and they are equipped with world class Java technology as implementation tool. We strive to educate students towards reaching the highest levels of performance, effective talents, creativity, skill, and entrepreneurship development during their undergraduate career for them to reach the highest level as a scientist in their young age encouraging them for new inventions and market those using entrepreneurial skill they develop within the academic career. We also strongly promote the individual development of graduates by incoporating modules related to Psychology, Consciousness and Spirituality including major world religions and have already taken steps to incoporate such units of study.


YSU has worked diligently over the past several years to build its reputation in academic excellence, educational integrity, and high quality support services. The University is a private Institution of Higher Education, and one of the first schools serving a global community that is designed specifically for individuals who seek to achieve their Doctoral Degree. The University not only caters to the self-directed professionals who aim excellence in career but also provides a flexible, high-quality, and seamless instructional management system that gives the students better   learning opportunities.


From the very beginning, it was a primary goal of the YSU to ensure that the people who had any connection with its educational cooperative would feel comfortable and satisfied with their educational choices. YSU offers a variety of exciting and innovative doctoral program options to meet the needs of working professionals from almost all walks of life. YSU strives to provide its academic partners reliable educational services and to support them in their pursuit of excellence in career. Doctoral degree is believed to take the career of people in leadership positions who have chosen academics, consulting or research as their professions to ever new heights.


In today’s cyberspace revolution we can no longer afford to be ordinary pieces. Each one of us has to be an extra-ordinary masterpiece and attest ourselves at every second of life. To get that extra-ordinary upshot in your life, you need to polish those ordinary skills and outshine yourself for the world with YSU. This knowledge comes to you at your own need, your own time, your own convenience and your own pace and all this with that touch of traditional teaching methodologies.


YSU caters to building strong blocks of skills and knowledge for people who want to get that added advantage and stay at the forefront of world-class competition. Our goal is to enhance people’s skills and let them envisage themselves to be geared up for today, tomorrow and forever.


Aien Aristeuein – Ever to Excel